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The SHS is transaction focused and oversees a portfolio of advisory engagements and fosters information flow and coordination of interactions between industry, civil society, multi-laterals and relevant government entities on “macro” and public assets insurance solutions. It also provides a source of expertise to other public/ private parties and, as required, assistance to other IDF Working Groups.

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The SHS is focused on four key areas to guide the execution of its purpose:

  1. Transaction development
  2. Innovation and product development
  3. Capacity building
  4. Information flow and coordination across members

Group Members


Ivo Menzinger

Ex-Officio and OpCo Deputy Chair

Swiss Re

Claudia Thyme

Working Group Co-Chair (SHS)


Daniel Clarke

Working Group Co-Chair (SHS)

Global Centre for Disaster Protection


  • Allianz Re
  • Aon
  • Asian Development Bank
  • AXA XL
  • AXA Climate Axis
  • BMZ
  • Centre for Disaster Protection
  • Cerulean Consulting
  • DfID
  • GIZ
  • Guy Carpenter
  • Hannover Re
  • InsuResilience Global Partnership
  • KfW
  • Munich Re
  • Renaissance Re
  • Scor
  • START Network
  • Swiss Re
  • TetraTech
  • UNDP
  • Willis Towers Watson
  • World Bank Group
  • World Food Programme


Transaction development

Support the development of a portfolio of new insurance solutions for sovereigns, sub- sovereigns, humanitarian and civil society actors in partnership with the InsuResilience Solutions Fund, the Centre for Global Disaster Protection and other partners.

Innovation and product development

Actively work on new product development, contribute to the “Innovation Labs” of the Centre for Global Disaster Risk Protection and develop guiding principles and best practice on macro and public assets insurance solutions, where required.

Capacity building

Contribute to capacity building events for government officials organized by the Centre for Global Disaster Protection, InsuResilience Global Partnerships or other relevant organisations active in the climate risk insurance space. This is geared towards developing a more coherent platform to help deepen understanding of risk financing instruments and insurance. Part of this effort also involves developing and publishing best practice guides, e.g. for public assets insurance schemes.

Information flow and coordination across members

Maintain a platform to foster transparent and efficient information flow and coordination between industry, civil society, multi-laterals and relevant government entities on “macro” solutions and related topics.


  • The IDF Guide to Insuring Public Assets

    28th Aug 2020

  • SHS Terms of Reference

    28th Aug 2020

  • Tripartite launch/press release

    28th Aug 2020

  • UN OCHA Concept Note

    28th Aug 2020